Ferrell Companies

Solutions & Services

Business Systems Consulting:

As costs increase, you must get the most out of all your existing assets, such as staff, clients, equipment, facilities and technology, or lose out to your competition.

Ferrell’s team approach builds on your company’s ideas and goals, and can produce significant rewards. In many cases these rewards may be achieved without major changes to your current processes, resulting in improvement without disruption, while minimizing your costs.

Ferrell Companies offers the following specific services:

Evaluation of existing Accounting, Project Management, Document Management, and Workflow Processes.
Software Selection, Management Assistance with Conversion and Implementation including Design and Custom Programming for non-commercially available products. Ferrell is Vendor Independent and is, therefore completely objective.
Review and/or development of IT, Business, Sales & Marketing, Document and Communication plans.
Assistance with managing the installation or upgrading of either or both new and existing technology.
It’s not that you don’t have the expertise to review the issues internally, but simply most contractors do NOT have the time to dedicate to this process, while still running their day-to-day operations.

As always, the Ferrell Team will bring its’ years of trusted industry experience to your organization and provide your firm with the highest level of commitment, expertise, integrity, and insight into maximizing the efficiencies, and thus the profitability of your organization.

Special Projects Accounting:

Our senior level staff has many years of cconstruction experience to augment your Accounting Team in the areas of WIP Reporting, Billings, Job Costing, Change Order Processing, Fixed Asset Reporting, Spreadsheet Development, Presentations, and more. Ferrell CFO-level consultants can assist you in documentation of your current processes, hands-on assistance, thus providing a cost effective adjunct to your accounting and project management staff.

Utilize our team of Construction Accountants to complete those special projects that never seem to get done without disrupting your existing staff. Use only what you need, when you need it.